Some iconic photos from #EndSARS protest across Nigeria

The popular song in the mouth of Nigerians at the moment is EndSARS/Endpolicebrutality. This all started after Nigerians had to start paying people to protect them against those meant to protect them.

There have been extrajudicial killings, unlawful arrest and detention, illegal search of properties, molestation, and all sorts of horrible assaults on innocent citizens of Nigerians by those (SARS/POLICE) meant to protect them from situations as stipulated above.

Well, we all knew it was going to take but just a time for the citizens to fight back knowing well that Nigerians are ”no-nonsense” group of individuals with the capacity to take on anything they wish to.

Ever since the peaceful protest started, there have been some positive results that later seemed like ”scam” from the police IGP and the presidency. One practical example is scrapping SARS and creating SWAT within 24 hours.

Well, there’s not going to be a stop until Nigeria as a country is reformed for good.

Below are some iconic photos showing some Nigerians expressing their emotions through signs just as best as they could.

Some have lost their brothers, husbands, sisters, sons/daughters, wives, children, have suffered assaults from same SARS. When you are in a country like Nigeria where the government cannot fight for you, you just have to pick up the pieces left and fight for yourself and make your voice heard across the globe.






izekor osayawemwen miracle
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