BREAKING NEWS: Rwandan President Paul Kagame Appoints A 19-year-old Teenage Boy As A Minister.

Patrick Nkuriza 19, has been appointed a Minister of New Technologies and Development of by Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

As the saying goes; ′′ Value does not wait for the number of years to come “.

This saying fits perfectly with the fate of Patrick Nkuriza, a 19-year-old Rwandan, the youngest Minister of his country’s Cabinet.

Indeed, this little genius experienced a dramatic rise to the point of getting the baccalaureate at 14 and obtaining a PhD in digital communication engineer afterwards.

Patrick is a really gifted person who has developed several applications that allow his country to perform activities in a lot of economic areas.

So it is commendable that he is appointed a minister in his speciality but a minister like no other, who lives with his parents and goes to work accompanied by his father in his escorted car.

At home, his mom washes his clothes and helps him dress.

His family refused to him living in the house assigned to his duties.

His bodyguards were always busy when Patrick plays ball, his favourite sport with the neighbourhood youth.

Everyone wants to touch him or take pictures with him.

Patrick didn’t have a girlfriend and was always accompanied on his outings by his mother or father and bodyguards near him.

Merit Pays More Than Favouritism…The Rwandan President took note of that.

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