We will Finance and Boost SMSE Access to Funds – Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu

In addition to emphasizing the up-skilling and building of human capacity of Edo state, the coming APC government that will be elected in Saturday’s gubernatorial election through deliberative actions and interventions shall improve all aspects of financing and access to finance by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, SMSE.

APC candidate in the election, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu disclosed this in an interview to conclude the discussion of his 51page manifesto, the Simple Agenda as it relates to Employment creation and social empowerment.

Recall that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has explained the other aspects such as security and social welfare, infrastructural development and urban renewal, manpower development and training, Public-Private Partnership and Leadership by example before the Employment creation and socially empowered.

He described the manifesto of hope as a roadmap, “to make Edo a model for the country”, by seeking to, ” fast track the transformation of Edo state through transparent, effective and accountable governance that will improve the living standards and social wellbeing of our people”.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu said, “We understand and fully recognize the role of SMEs as the engine of any economy. Our vision will be to make Edo State the best place for businesses to start and thrive. To do this we need to understand the characteristics of our small and medium-sized businesses, which determines their success and what holds them back”.

“A key priority will be to unleash the energy of the entrepreneurial spirit of Edo people who are known to be innovators of new and nascent industries. We recognize and salute the role of financial organizations that have been able to mobilize funds for our low-income people to access and trade and we intend to partner with these institutions by providing more funds to support more of our people”.

Asked about the time frame for the actualization of his policy to grow SMEs he said, “One of government’s policy goals is to partner with financial institutions, banks, agencies of government and stakeholders to create and support a minimum of 5000 new MSMEs in the economy yearly and 20,000 over a four-year duration”.

Meanwhile, the APC candidate says that today, “Edo State has a very potent mining industry that has remained grossly unexploited in actualizing its full benefits. This area will be a key focus in the creation of jobs”.

On the sustainability of the innovation or change, which he says is based on either the country-culture, state-culture or organizational-culture, Pastor Ize-Iyamu said, “The state government in collaboration with the state chapter of the National Orientation Agency will come up with ethical ways of doing business, conducting oneself in the society, and having a positive attitude towards public properties and projects…”.

Unless this is done he says, “any innovation or improvement without taking into account the inherent culture of the populace cannot be sustained. In recent history, we have seen across the Nigerian landscape where laudable projects and monuments are abandoned to rot”.

For the APC candidate, “One of the best ways to drive this cultural change is to lead transparently by example, develop simple phrases that will be duplicated in government offices, so as to reinforce compliance”.

He concluded that “Government will have to take stock of its properties and set aside maintenance costs, as there is no point in embarking on new projects if the old ones cannot be maintained. The Nigerian polity lacks a maintenance culture. This will change”.

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