Thousands of a day old chicks belonging to a farmer destroyed by Imo state task force (photos)

An act of wickedness of the highest order was committed by Imo state task force on a poultry farmer.

Because the farmer’s car did not carry the state’s emblem, men of the Imo state task force descended in his day-old chicks and destroyed thousands of them.

Do you see why some people are barren for life? Generational curse awaits them. Don’t say it’s just chicks (animals). There are things you’ll do, nature will never forgive you.

Rivers State Task Force did a similar thing. Where are they now? Disarmed and dismissed with nothing. Some have started begging on the streets.

See Photos  below

izekor osayawemwen miracle
Izekor Osayawemwen Miracle is a microbiologist, a writer, a researcher, with passion for getting information across to others

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