The Bini Renaissance, the Ogiamiens and Edo Governorship Election.

I have read the submission of a socio-cultural group Bini Renaissance in a social chat platform, declaring Gov. Godwin Obaseki “an enemy of the Oba”. My one consolation is their having written enemy of the Oba in inverted commas, which categorically tells us all that they are jokers.

To start with, the Benin Renaissance does not have the sociocultural powers, or any powers at all, to declare anyone enemy of the Oba. They don’t have the authority to speak for the Oba or the Palace either.

They have forgotten that what comes up September 19th, is elected into the office of Governor, Edo State, and not an election for an Oba which is an abomination in our land.

The Benin Renaissance group needs to be reminded that every adult Ogiamien, is entitled to his choice of candidate and the Benin Renaissance cannot disenfranchise them. It is their inalienable civic right. That they have endorsed Godwin Obaseki, does not mean that all of them will vote for him. I am sure APC has supporters among them.

One truth we must not gloss over is the fact that both Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu are Benins. All of us cannot support only one of them. I find it extremely disheartening, the Benin Renaissance group dragging the Palace into the forthcoming election. If there is any who has shown disdain for the Palace, it is the Benin Renaissance group which has shown impudence to arrogate to itself, powers it does not have. Obaseki is too Benin, to trifle with Benin Royalty. Binging in Gov. Obaseki’s forebear into 2020 election is a faux pas. Why wasn’t this issue raised in 2016 when Godwin Obaseki ran for the first time? Apparently, they are still taking instructions from Iyamho.

I would have been very delighted if Benin Renaissance group, reeled off their impact on the lives of Benins. What has this group actually contributed to the growth and sustenance of our land – Benin.

Let us be warned that our reverend monarchy must not be dragged into politics.

In God we trust,

Senator Ehigie Uzamere

izekor osayawemwen miracle
Izekor Osayawemwen Miracle is a microbiologist, a writer, a researcher, with passion for getting information across to others

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