ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE: “Philip, I don’t know why you’re opposing the remover of Godwin when you’re to be the utmost beneficiary. I have 2/3rd of the house members, so we have the numbers. Don’t worry about the Binis, they follow where the money is and the money is readily available to sway them. The chief judge is not happy with Godwin and everything is now set to roll except you that is giving us a headache. Are you okay? Is there anybody in this world who refuses honey that is put in his mouth? Common now, Philip, think about it.”

H.E PHILIP SHAIBU: “Comrade, what has my boss done to warrant his remover? To me, he hasn’t done anything wrong. I am inside the government and I know what is going on. My boss is doing very well for Edo people. Yes, he is depriving all of us, including himself, the perks of office, just to ensure Edo people feel the maximum impact of our administration. But that is not a reason to remove him; in fact, it is the reason why we should support him. As for the Binis you just mentioned, these are the people who jettisoned all ethnic sentiments to make you a governor for 8 years, I’m not sure that disrespecting them is the best way to pay them back. Whether you like it or not, my boss is a Bini man, it is not your duty to decide for the Binis who is right or who is wrong. Let the people decide. Besides, what you’re asking me to do is pure betrayal, it is alien to my person, and you know it, Comrade. Forget about personal ego consideration and think about the future of Afemai people. If I betray my boss as you want me to do, who will ever trust an Afemai person with power again? Please, comrade, I beg of you, drop this idea and support the governor to serve our people. But if you insist on this, be prepared to remove both of us. And trust me, just the way I fought against your removal at the risk of my life and my family, I will use everything at my disposal to fight for my boss because he has done no wrong. This is the last time I will beg you on this issue, this is the last time I will set my foot on your house. Let’s meet at the battleground. I beg to take my leave, sir.”

BHR MEDIA TEAM: That’s the Philip Shaibu we know since 1995. He doesn’t betray; instead, he protects and projects the interest of his allies, even in the most tempting circumstances, in the most secret places. Oshiomhole is a rogue elder whose intention was to lead the young Philip astray. He met a brick wall! And that brick wall shall ever remain his portion.

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