Hoodlums stab Lagos motorist to death defending a jaywalker

When 29-year-old Sadiq Ayanshola left his house for work on Saturday, August 1, he sadly did not know it would be his last day on earth.

Ayanshola lived on Prince Ademola Street, Ogunojule Egan, in the Igando area of Lagos State, and worked as a motor mechanic. The curtains drew on the man’s life on the evening of that Saturday after hoodlums stabbed him in the chest during an argument in the Igando area and he died.

It is not an uncommon occurrence in a densely populated state like Lagos to come across two or more motorists arguing fiercely (in road rage) or even attempting to beat up one another over car dent and road related issues.

For many residents of the state, it is common knowledge that no motorist wants to accept that they are wrong in case of a road infraction and would rather resort to arguments to justify their claims.

Some areas or environs in the state, particularly areas along lonely roads are usually not safe for such arguments especially in the evening times, and Ayanshola unfortunately found himself in one of such situations.

At about 10.15pm that day, Ayanshola was heading  for his workshop and driving a Toyota Corolla, belonging to a customer. He had his younger brother, identified as Ibrahim Ayanshola and a lady, Abdulsalam Kasarat, in the car with him.

The younger brother, Ibrahim, who later reported his brother’s death at the Igando Police Division, explained to the police how the road argument started.

Ibrahim said, “At about 10pm, a young woman, whose name we don’t know, but they popularly called mama in the area, carelessly ran across the road. If not for the alertness of my brother, an accident would have happened but he averted it.

“He stopped the car and challenged the woman on why she ran in such a dangerous manner. They were about to settle it when some guys emerged from nowhere, arguing in defence of the woman. A fierce argument started and they attacked my brother and me. I was able to escape by sheer good luck. They stabbed my brother and they fled from the scene. He was rushed to a hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

A police source told our correspondent that Ayanshola parked the car at two junctions away from the spot of the incident, before returning to fight the hoodlums who were supporting the woman.

The police source said, “The hoodlums came around because they knew the young woman and they were actually already drunk. It was late in the night. It was a case of two fighting. The woman had apologised for crossing the road improperly and the driver was about to enter his car when the hoodlums came. The driver actually left the scene, went to park the car two junctions away because it was a customer’s car and he did not want to damage it. He returned with his brother to the scene to challenge the hoodlums.

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