Dear Sir,

I am by Name Daniel Emeya from Esan Central Local Government Area, Edo State. Haven listen to some of your criticism on radio program via KUFM and your live broadcast via your Facebook page, it seems you forget you were once SSG to Edo State Government.


Permit me to say that in a time like this, the lives and well being of our People is the paramount and primary responsibility of Government and all patriotic Nigerians.

Based on advice from Medical Health Practitioners from advanced countries to the Nigerian government on the Covid- 19 Pandemic, I wish to state my opinion on the Mock Primaries organized at Lucky Imasuen’s resident in Benin City.

Recall that World Super Powers such as the United States of America, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom have suspended virtually every human activities including sports and in particular, the Olympic Games. This is to demonstrate the need to adhere to the WHO Prescribed Medical procedures towards curtailing the Covid- 19 Pandemic which has proven to be highly contagious. Consequently, the World is locked down.

I want to advise EPM Faction in Edo APC to suspend all activities and in particular, such exercise has drawn a crowd of people in their thousands thereby contravening the prevailing Health Regulations of Self Isolation, Social distancing, and avoidance of gathering of over twenty persons.


I am not saying, is not your right as a citizen of Nigeria to criticize Edo State Government, but you should’ve known that, in a time like this, a person of your kind that was in government to do your little support and not to always come on air to criticize as if during your time as SSG to Edo State government all was done for the evil hours we are now.

In your program in KUFM. You said you have Edo people in heart, I just smiled and said to myself, during your tenure as SSG, AAU for months if not year was on strike.

Sir, you should’ve known that in a time like this, the well being of our people should be your primary responsibility not how to organize a mini Congress to choose consensus when the order has been put on ground by Edo State government not to gather people in one place that is more than twenty persons in number, you still went ahead to violate the order of Edo state cum the Federal government just because you want to become governor in a desperado way.

Well, if I was the head of the Covid-19 taskforce in Edo State, by now the law should have interpreted the order put on ground by Edo State government to regulate and punish whosoever violate the order cum the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sir, let me also use this medium to remind you if you forget, that at this time your responsibility as a pastor, is to be in a secret place asking God to forgive us our sin because the Bible says the prayer of a righteous man is acceptable to God Almighty.

Sir, do you know what pains me most, is that some of us that claim to know it all, that is suppose to be the law-abiding citizens, we are the ones still violating the order of the State Government because we see ourselves as above the law. You people should thank God it is not a person of my kind that leads the team of Covid-19 in Edo State, by now the same punishment given to that market man and woman for not wearing facemask should have applied to you all.

This is a time for Politicians, Party Stalwarts, Government, and indeed Patriotic Nigerians to come together, irrespective of their political affiliation, to harness and channel their energy and interest towards a common goal: winning the war against Covid- 19 pandemics. A stitch in time saves nine.

Daniel Emeya the voice of the downtrodden in Edo Central Senatorial District.

izekor osayawemwen miracle
I'm Izekor Osayawemwen Miracle, a microbiologist. Loves playing guitar and drum.


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