New scan method at Imo state airport: Man held hostage at gunpoint at Owerri airport for parking his car backward

A man is being held hostage at Owerri airport this very moment for refusing to pay a non-advertising fine.

According to person that spoke with izeksblog, the man is being held at gunpoint for refusing to pay a fine for parking his car backward instead of forward.

He said;

There is a scam going on at Owerri aiport where a FAN concession is collecting non advertised fine for what it call front end parking only Money in private hands and passengers stresse our.

I have just falling victim but refusing to pay.
Despite the fact that I was in for only 30 mins and no attempts made to redirect.
Funny not even security for FAN or police are able to help.

Possibly some are in on the Racket.
I am sticking to my Guns

I am in the car. And will remain without paying a dime.
Please forward to the minister for FAN

Details later.

Photos below.

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