Messi gets his second career red card (video)

By Onitcha Nyerhovwo (Uncle Pauly)

Messi Sent-off For The Second Time in His career

The third place play-off between Argentina and Chile will be a forgettable one for Messi as he was Red carded by the referee alongside Gary Medel of Chile.

Argentina were already 2-0 up in the tie with the Barcelona talisman providing an assist for kun aguero to score the opener before Dybala scored to put them 2-0 up.

The encounter was a physical one as is proven by the 21 fouls committed by both teams in the first half alone.

Eight minutes before the break however, tempers reached a climax and a shuffle between Messi and Medel resulted in a full on brawl.A nudge on Medel by Messi as they both contested for the ball resulted in a furious and aggressive response from the Chile man who threw his face and shoulders into Messi’s.

The referee Mario Diaz sent both men to an early shower.

The red seemed harsh on Messi as he was largely motionless during Medels actions.

Chile pulled one back via an Arturo Vidal’s penalty but Argentina held on to win the tie 2-1.

This was the the 2nd time Messi was red-carded in his career with the both of his red cards coming when playing for the national team.

His first red-card was on his international debut, then still 18 years old and wearing the shirt number 18 in a friendly match against Hungary, he came on as a substitute for lisandro Lopez and lasted just 43 secs before he was sent off by the referee

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