Landlord son absconds after raping 5-year-old daughter of a tenant in both holes.

A young man is currently on the run after raping a 5-year-old girl through the anus and vagina.

The man, who is the son of the landlady, raped the daughter of a tenant at No. 47 Erede Street, Ekerube in Abaranje, Ikotun, Lagos.

The man lured the victim into his apartment, pulled her underwear and penetrated her both through her private and anus. He then warned the girl not to tell her parents or he will kill her.

His evil action was discovered when the girl’s mother was bathing her and the girl wouldn’t allow her to touch her private part due to pains. Her private part was then checked and it was discovered that she had been abused. It was also discovered that she had been penetrated via the anus too.

Following this discovery, the girl was questioned and she opened up then added that the landlady’s son told her not to tell anyone, else she will be killed.

The matter was reported to the police but the suspect cannot be found as he has abandoned their house and gone into hiding.

To make matters worse, the landlady and her children have allegedly threatened the victim’s parents, telling them that they have to bear what the suspect did to their daughter because they live in her property.

The father of victim told PM Express that since the incident happened, his life and that of his family have been threatened and they have had to flee from their house for safety.

Police at the Ikotun Police Station confirmed that the incident of rape and threat to life has been reported by the father of the victim. A police source told the publication that the suspect has gone into hiding and the police were making efforts to arrest and prosecute him. 

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