“Please help me”, a 40-year-old man sent to his mum before he was declared missing 10 days ago.

A man who went missing 10 days ago is feared dead and his final message has been revealed.

“Please help me Mom,”  Michael Stewart, 40, sent to his mother about 10 days ago, when he was last seen alive in a case that authorities are treating as a suspected homicide.

Stewart has been missing since December 20. His family became worried when he didn’t for Christmas to see his two children – a four-year-old daughter and a son, 11.

Stewart was last seen leaving O’Neill’s Irish Pub on Forest Avenue in Staten Island. Surveillance footage showed that after he left the bar he got into an argument with two men outside a nearby barber shop.

"Please help me Mom" - Man

At around 1.55am on December 21, he sent the text message to his mother calling for help.

"Please help me Mom" - Man

His aunt, Roxanne, told the Post:

Detectives are telling us he was hurt.

His aunt added:

He loves his daughter.

She’s been crying every night for him.  She’s starting to see that something’s wrong.

A man and a woman are in police custody

The aunt said:

Me and his mother both feel he has been murdered.

Jaclyn Tantao, a childhood friend of Stewart’s, said it was unusual for Stewart to miss Christmas with his children.

"Please help me Mom" - Man

She said:

There’s no way he would miss Christmas with his daughter.

He loves his daughter. They do everything together.

For him to not show up for Christmas or Christmas Eve was completely unheard of.

A hairstylist who was there that day told the Daily News that Stewart left the barber shop alone after he tried to intimidate another customer.

The hairstylist said:

Somebody came in after him and [Stewart] was like, “Hey, how are you? What’s your name?”

The guy was like, “I’m here to get a haircut.”

He was like, “Where are you from?”

And the guy was like, “I’m from Staten Island”.’

The hairstylist then said he asked Stewart to leave.

I went over there and was like, “Yo, why are you asking them those questions, you know, leave.”

But that was it.

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