The fate of a village girl vol 51….

Katty: Stop looking at me suspiciously and focus on what I asked you to do. “She turned away and continued with her task……
“Katty realizing her action had become so much obvious that even a stranger could already predict she had an undeniable crush on Julius, came gradually back to a position from which she could regard herself. for moments she stood still scrutinizing her person in a dazed way as if she had never before seen herself”. She wriggled in her suit jacket to make a more comfortable suit. finally, she was certain about what to say to get herself out of the trap she just got herself into”.
Katty: Well, “She turned around to clear herself of all suspicions” I don’t care what anybody thinks, the reason I’m here is to pull through this contract and I won’t let anybody come in my way of actualizing that. And I hope I am well understood. “she added as she patiently waited for a response from anybody who cares”.
“You bet!” Bisi responded, grinning sociably just to make her friend feel supported and understood. And you don’t have to explain what we already know to us. “Bisi added in a more sociable manner”.
“Julius felt called upon to defend the signal his actions had introduced’.
Julius: Nobody is doubting your capability in pulling plans through but you sometimes should learn not to allow your emotions cloud your judgement.
“There was an astute silence in the air for few minutes and a much food for thought in the manner in which he commented. Katty was carefully planning her next move so as not to stir up any form of suspicions” Bisi knew she had to put out the wildfire Julius comment was about to start before it’s ignition”. “But her tongue sat dead in the tomb of her mouth, as she starred, surely, thinking the impossible was not about to happen. She waited as if she expected the both of the to suddenly stop, apologize to each other and get on with their duties. But it was all a mistake as none of that looked likely to happen.”
“Cindy realizing there was nothing Bisi could do to save the day thought she better do something before it get really darker, as Katty’s nostril was flaring like an urchin about to explode”.
Cindy: This is suppose to be my wedding eve and not your engagement eve, will you guys please stop stealing the moment from me so I can at-least, have the best of my day.
“By now, Julius began to imagine that he had gotten himself into a tremendous quarrel, and he could perceive that the only way out was to assume his tongue was dead buried in the tomb of his mouth”. “He quietly looked around him for a safe path out of the presence of Katty who had a look of someone with feelings of anger and many questions in her eyes”. 
“Katty on the other hand, cringed as if she was discovered in a crime huge enough to convict her for life, she quietly walked away pretending to be focused on her job, While Bisi who already sensed the aura in the air, refused to be left behind in the new self solace her colleague recently found themselves in, quietly walked towards the other side of the hall to continue with her duty”.
The sun had completely gone to hide, the voice of insect and birds could o longer be heard, only a hymn of twilight was heard as the breeze stroke through the trees, there suddenly broke a tremendous sound that caught Jeff aback, he began to pace to and fro like a rabid dog as well as blabbing like a child learning to speak for the first time.
President: “In a thunderous voice like a roaring lion mourning over a dead cub” My son just called and he is at the gate already, why is it that the place is still as quiet as a graveyard? Where are the girls and all other things you have put in place for tonight’s party? “He beckoned at Jeff as he awaited him for response”.
Jeff: I– it—- s– al-l in p-la-ce mr pre-si-dent.
President: If you have it all planned out, why then have you suddenly become a stammerer? Well, for your own good, there better not be any reason for my son to feel disappointed. “He added as he paced away into the dark”.
Watch out for vol. 52……..
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