The fate of a village girl vol 50…..

Bisi: You do have a weird way of showing gratitude, but you are welcome all the same.
Katty: Can you please tell me what you are up to, we are suppose to be focusing on how to make the best out of what we have on our hand at the moment.
Julius: By being up to something and focusing on what we have on our hands, “he demonstrated using his hands” what exactly do you mean?
Katty: Don’t play dumb with me “She angrily responded” I demand an answer from you right now

Julius: Hey, temper, temper, you are about to create a scene.
Katty: Scene you say, you should have thought of that before abandoning your duty post for your little childish romance and it would have been much more better if your partner was not an absolute stranger.

Julius: The only person being childish here is you who is trying to a whole lot out of absolutely nothing, for your information, I never was and never will flirt with someone I don’t know and meanwhile, I am a grown man and as such don’t need anybody’s permission before flirting with whomever I choses.

Bisi: Come on guys lets not create an unnecessary scene here we can always settle this issue when we get home and besides I see no reason for ny of this.

Julius: Exactly my point, Katty always looks for possible opportunities to humiliate me irrespective of the place, time and condition.

Katty: Humiliate you say, need I remind you that the reason you are here is to pull through a wedding plan and not to flirt with some random girl.

Bisi: Now I see where all this is heading to, so this is about the little drama Julius had with that young lady, come on Katty, this is suppose to be way out of your league, give the young man a break.

Katty: give him a break? at the expense of the job he is here for? whose side are you on in this, mine or his?

Bisi? I am on nobody’s side, am just saying Julius is a grown man and as such he should be allowed some breathing space or is that too much to ask for?

Katty: You know what, I am going to assume we never had this conversation, let us all quietly go back to our jobs and continue with the reason we are here.

Bisi: As it pleases her majesty.

Julius: For the record, I didn’t flirt with nobody and I don’t see any reason you should be jealous. “He quietly walked away”.

Cindy: Come on Katty, we all know how much you love Julius, why not give him a second chance instead of being cold towards him and at the same time calculating all his ordeal with other girls, delay may be dangerous you know.

Katty: what, “Cindy interrupted her before she could complete her statement”, Don’t say anything just do the needful. “She walked away”. Katty turned towards her right and saw Bisi seriously focused on her with a suggestion that shows she wanted her to mend things with Julius.

Katty: Stop looking at me suspiciously and focus on what I asked you to do. “She turned away and continued with her task……

Watch out for vol 51…….
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