The fate of a village girl… vol43..

Jeff: I thought she will never leave.
Katty: Guys, let’s get going noon is almost upon us, you both know we have a lot of fish to fry today.
Bisi: I’m set, I will join you guys shortly after I finish giving instructions to the nanny.
Katty: Hurry up with that and don’t spend the whole day doing that.
Julius: Finally, it’s the wedding eve, by this time in two days, we will be completely done with all this, I’m so excited.

Katty: Look at him confidently representing the lazy men squad, you better put yourself together so we won’t have any flaws in all the beautiful plans we’ve made so far.
Julius: What could possibly go wrong?
Katty: Nothing, but with you on board, everything could possibly go wrong.
Julius: I’m going to take that as a complement.
Bisi: Okay guys, let’s hit the road.
Cindy: Is this how it feels when one’s wedding is getting close?
Tricia: I think that question should be directed to a person who already have experience not to me who is yet to find a guy.
Cindy: Come on be serious for once, part of your duty as my chief bridesmaid is to help me calm down my nerves.
Tricia: Is that not what I’m doing right now?
Cindy: 100 percent no, not even close to it.
Tricia: Okay, I’m going to help you relax, “she grabs a bottle of whisky, poured in a glass and offered to Cindy”, take this it will help you relax.
Cindy: So you big plan on how to help me calm my nerves is to get me drunk?
Tricia: Just take it, I know you want to. “Scared of the way Cindy is looking directly at her”. Don’t give me that devilish look, you’re making me feel guilty. Okay, I got another bright idea, “She opened Cindy’s wardrobe, brought out some clothes”, come on, put these on and follow me.
Cindy: Hell no I’m not going anywhere with you, at-least, not on my wedding eve, there is still a lot that needs to be done around here.
Tricia: That is where this whole problem of tension is coming from, you want to see how everything is done, it doesn’t work that way sweetheart, it’s your wedding so let other people do them for you.
Cindy: You know I can’t do that.
Tricia: Yes you will “She dragged her by the arm and pulled her out of the room.
“President on phone with Jeff”.
Jeff: Mr. president sir, good day.
President: Senator Jeff, how is your day going and how is the family?
Jeff: As beautiful as always sir and my family as well sir, thanks for your concern and how is your family too sir?
President: All good and we are making a big preparation for my son’s wedding.
Jeff: Oh!, we are all aware of that sir and congratulations to your son from my family sir.
President: Thank you, by the way, I received your congratulatory message, I really appreciate your gesture.
Jeff: Just carrying out my obligations sir.
President: For obligations, I was calling to inquire how the party you are planning is going.
Jeff: Very well mr. president, very well.
President: Good, I trust you will deliver.
Jeff: You know you can always count on me sir.
President: Yes of course. In that case, let me focus on other things that needs my attention right now, looking forward to the party later.
Jeff: See you at the party sir. “He dropped the call and gave a sigh of relief”. That was a close one, and how did I manage to forget about that party?
watch out for vol 44…..

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