Reasons you should eat potash (Akanwu)

The nature is filled with many resources that contributes in unimaginable means to improving health. 
At first, I was scared when I saw people using potash, ‘Akanwu” in preparation of different recipes particularly in Nigeria. After researching, I discovered that potash was of numerous health benefits and so, I decided to share some of these properties with you guys.
Potash is used by natives of Nigeria to prepare varieties of delicacies like fiofio (cowpea beans), ewedu and okro soup. It is also used in preparation of African salad, nkwobi, beans, owo soup, amongst other. 

Some other benefits of potash includes;
Toothache treatment: Potash plays important role in relieving pain caused by toothache. Just ground little quantity of potash, mix with water and apply on the spot where it aches. 
For relief of constipation: Potash act as antacids which helps to relief constipation and flatulence. 
As an expectorants: Potash plays an important role in the respiratory system by inducing the respiratory mucous. 
In renal system: Another function of potash is in the renali system, it increases alkaline diuresis and dilate blood vessel to increase the rate at which blood flows in the renal.
As antifungal agent: Potash has fungicidal properties which can be used to regulate fungal growth by either inhibiting them or killing them.
As preservatives: The services of potash can also be employed in the preservation of food.
Other situations in which potash has proven relevents is in production of fertilizers, fire extinguisher, cough treatments, amongst others.
Though potash has a lot of benefits but it can also become harmful to health when used in excess, so, it is advisable to use potash in little quantity to avoid the side negative sides.
Before employing the use of potash in any of the treatments stated above, please discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider.
Health is wealth… Be in control of yours….

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