Quarrelsome husbands.. part 3…

By Winnie Tissa
Papa Ola
Chief John ( Papa Jane)

Papa Ola: Come, you know today is prayer meeting so anything una dey do try finish before five. And everybody is coming.
Olamide: But papa I told you I have a study group by that five to 6:30 at Bisi’s house.
Papa Ola: That one is your business. When I go out I will lock my door and take my keys with me.
Ola: But papa I will come back before you why don’t you give me the key.
Papa Ola: If you don’t come you will stay outside till we come back. You come with us or you forget it, which one?
Ola: I will go to Bisi’s house, but papa you expect me to stay outside till that time?
Papa Ola: Eh!! let me think, “He held his chin, looked up and down for few seconds” Yes I do and I’m going to pull it through.
“Some hours later”.
Ola: Jane can I stay at your house till my parents come back?
Jane: Okay
Papa Ola: where were you? When we came I didn’t see you waiting
Ola: I was at Jane’s place
Papa Ola: you mean you went to chief john’s house eh. Okay so he is the one giving you mind not to follow me to church.
Ola: No o! Papa, I just stayed there to wait for you.
Papa Ola: but I will still have a word with him. “Matched straight to Papa Ola’s room, gave a big bang on the door”
Chief John: Who want to break down my door? I am coming. Oh na you sef.
Papa Ola: I came to warn you to stop turning my daughter against me.
Chief John: Against you how? She was the one who asked Jane to stay at my house
Papa Ola: Why will Ola want to stay at this your over crowded room. Chief John ehn eh just hold it there don’t come to my house to insult me. I have nothing to do with your daughter refusal to go to church, maybe it’s because her father is not showing a good example.
Papa Ola: Tah! I am a prayer warrior in my church and I be good example to my children. I just came to warn you, anything you are trying to do will not work.
Chief John: Prayer warrior my head, leave my house you are bringing mosquito, shoo shoo! Leave, rubbish.
Papa Ola: I have told you, your plan will not work.
Watch out for part 4…

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